Adding people to a mailing/directory group

Each 'user record' on the website has primary user group, which controls whether that user can log in to the website and, if so, what they can see and do once logged in. The main user groups are of course 'Administrators' and 'Club Members', but your website may have others too (e.g. 'Editors').

Users can also be linked to additional user groups. These users will then be listed within these additional groups both in the mailing list tool, and on the 'directory of members' page for their additional groups (although often a group will be configured to not have a page in the directory of members).

The user's log-in will not, however, get any new permissions (viewing or editing) from additional groups they are added to.

To add users to a mailing group:

  1. click on the 'users' tab in the website administrator area;
  2. click on the mailing group you will be adding people to;
  3. scroll down to the part of the page entitled "Members Of This Group For Mailings Only", under which is an 'add users to mailing group' form;
  4. type a search term (name, membership number or email) into the "search users" field and you will see a list of members matching your search term;
  5. click one one of the entries in the list of matches to add that member to the mailing list;
  6. the page will reload showing that member now as part of the mailing list;
  7. repeat steps 3-5 to add further members.

(You can also edit additional user groups when editing a person's user record.)

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