Old vs new editor component

CLUB View uses a piece of software called TinyMCE in order to provide the editor and file management features.

Depending on when your site was built your CLUBView site will have one of two different versions of TinyMCE. This affects how it looks as well as how you do certain things like adding links or files to the site.

How to tell what version you have

You can find this by doing a visual inspection of the editor. The quickest way to get to the editor as an admin is to:

1: Click the 'content' black tab at the top of the screen.

2: You should now see an 'Add Section' button in the top right of the page. Click this.

3: On the screen that follows scroll down to where it says "Section Page Content" and you should now see the editor.

If you see two monochrome toolbars above the editor you have the newer version of TinyMCE.

In this case please refer to the content documentation for the new editor component

However if you see three toolbar rows of small, colourful icons above the editor you have the older version of TinyMCE.

In this case please refer to the content documentation for the old editor component

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