The auto-newsletter creates a weekly mailing from the content you have added to your website in the past seven days and automatically sends it to all club members. Forthcoming events from the website diary can also be included. Once it has been set up the club office only needs to make sure the website is updated at least every week.

Please get in touch with the support helpdesk if your club would like to use this service.


The first part of the auto-newsletter is the news. When setting it up we will typically configure one particular section of your site as the 'news' section (although it may be called something else, such as 'noticeboard'). 

The auto-newsletter checks for pages in this section which are new since the last newsletter was sent. The titles, 'introduction text' and thumbnail images for these recent pages are then added to the newsletter.

Although it is usually set up initially on one 'news' section then it is possible to configure what parts of the site appear in the newsletter. This is configured on a per user-group basis and is controlled by selecting/unselecting the relevant section or category in the user group administration view under 'Auto-newsletter content for this group'.


The second part of the auto-newsletter consists of a summary of upcoming events. How many days ahead it will report is configurable, although the default is one week.

Auto-newsletter user settings and permissions

It is possible for a user to opt-out of the autonewsletter or set it to only send in plain text rather than formatted text (HTML). Users will be able to find this setting within their user settings page (usually accessed via a button titled 'update my details' or similar on the logged in users homepage).

Normal access permissions also apply to auto-newsletter content. A user will not be emailed a page or event if they would not normally be able to view the same content on the website.

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