Adding users (including members & administrators)

In the CLUB View system there are user records both for people who can log in to the website (members, administrators, editors), and for people who cannot log in but whose details have been added to a mailing list.

You may need to create a new user record because:

  • The club needs to add a new administrator
  • Your site is not yet integrated with your membership software, so website accounts are not created automatically for new members
  • There is a new email address you want to add to a mailing list of non-members (please note there is a separate process for adding existing members to a mailing list)

Follow these steps to create a user record on your site:

  1. Log in to your site as an administrator and click on the "Users" tab
  2. Click on the name of the user group you want to create the new record in
  3. Click the "Add new user" button (the  icon on newer sites, located just above the list of existing users in that group)
  4. Fill in the person's details, including at least their name & email, and a password (required even for users who will not log in, such as a person you are adding to a 'mailing list only' user group)
  5. Click the "Add User" button to save their details
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