Proxy error when sending a mailing

If you see a 'proxy error' message after sending an email broadcast using our mailing list, please do not assume you have to send it again.  Your message has probably been sent, despite the error message.

We are aware that some people are seeing this proxy error message from time to time, and it is one of the reasons we are rebuilding our email system at the moment. Apologies for the understandable confusion it can cause.

The problem is the result of the email-sending system running a bit slowly (because our current system takes a while to personalise and send out many hundreds of emails). If the sending process takes more than two minutes the system 'times out' and returns an error page, but in almost all cases your email will still be sent successfully.

Until the new email system is launched we recommend sending a mailing, and checking its progress, using these steps:

  1. when you are ready to start the email broadcast, click the 'send' button (and 'ok' on the confirmation message that pops up);
  2. give the system a few seconds grace to start processing the emails;
  3. click on the 'log files' tab at the top of the website admin area;
  4. click on the log file for your the email you just sent, which should be right at the top of the list of logs (the list can take a few seconds to load);
  5. scroll down, past the lines of technical details at the top of the log file contents, until you see a list of all the recipients the system has so far sent your mailing to;
  6. you can use your web browser's "reload" button (sometimes called "refresh" instead), which will fetch the latest copy of the log file from our system and allow you to see the latest recipients added;
  7. you can keep reloading the log file until you see a "processing complete" line at the end of the log file, which confirms that the mailing has successfully been sent to all recipients.

 Sorry again for any confusion you may have been caused by this error message. A rebuilt email system, which eliminates this problem with the old mailing list tool, is now available to clubs. Please ask the support team about having your site migrated to the newer version.

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