Setting up CLUB View mail accounts with email software

The recommended settings for setting up your CLUBView mail account on email software (such as Outlook or Thunderbird) are as follows.

Incoming mail (IMAP)

Incoming server address:

Port: 993

Encryption Method: SSL (or Use SSL = on)

Username: Enter your full email address in the format

We highly recommend using IMAP for easy access on multiple devices. Please contact support if you need access to POP3 connections.

Outgoing mail (SMTP)

Outgoing server address:

Port: 587 (some clients require port 465 which may be used if 587 fails)

Encryption Method: SSL (or Use SSL = on)

Authentication: On  (If prompted for authentication type, choose Password)

If prompted for a username and password for the outgoing SMTP server, enter the email address and password again.

For information on how exactly to configure your email software with these settings please consult the documentation and support resources for your email software.

Here are some links to instructions for commonly used email software:

Outlook email setup - Microsoft

iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Apple

Thunderbird email setup - Mozilla

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