Tracking hits & visitor statistics on your site

CLUB View supports Google Analytics, which makes it very easy to get comprehensive and clear statistics on the visitors to your site.

If do not already know how to access Analytics for your club's website please contact We will check your site and our support records to see whether Analytics has been set up and, if so, whether we have details of the Google log-in associated with the club's individual Analytics account.

Setting up a new Google Analytics account

If you are certain that your website does not already have Analytics tracking enabled then you will need to sign up for one with Google. Due to the security checks that Google now requires it is no longer practical for CLUB View to set up new Analytics accounts for clubs.

To create a new Analytics account for your website you will first need a Google account. You should first ask/check whether there is already a club email address that has a Google login associated with it (that is to say an email address with which you can sign in at - see button top right of screen). This is because the club may already have a Google account that is used for other Google services, such as Adwords or YouTube.

Important note: you should check the browser/computer you are using is not already logged in to either your own or someone else's personal Google account. For reasons explained below, you should not use a personal Google account to set up a club Analytics account.

(If nobody at the club knows whether an email address already has a Google account then you can check this. Go to Google's account password recovery page and enter an email address; Google will tell you if it cannot match that address to an existing account. You can use this to test whether any club email addresses already have Google accounts associated with them.)

If the club definitely does not have a Google log-in then you can easily create a new Google account. Using a generic club account (e.g. enquiries@…) is best, since an email address that references a particular person (e.g. james@…) might get deleted if that person is no longer involved with the club in a few years time.

Once you are logged in to a Google account you can then sign up for a new Analytics account. The process is very quick and only requires you to fill out the club name and web address (e.g. Google will give you a new Analytics tracking code (looking something like UA-00000000-00), which should then send to for us to add to your website.

(It might be you cannot avoid signing up for your Analytics account using an email address that is tied to an individual. If this is the case then, once you have created your new Analytics account, please follow Google's instructions for adding additional users to the account to ensure that access is not dependent on a single person.)

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