Permissions and enabling/disabling content

A CLUBView website is divided into sections, categories and pages. For each one of these it is possible to configure whether they are online/offline, visible in the website navigation and who they will be available to.


For categories, sections and pages it is possible to completely disable access to any of them.

In order to configure this you go to the relevant edit form in the content administration. There will be a checkbox in the top right. For categories it will be labelled "Enable Category", for sections "Enable Section" and naturally for pages it is labelled "Enable Page".

Tick the box and press the 'update' button' to enable the content. Conversely you will untick it to disable the content.

Please note that disabling the content will mean that no one other than an administrator can see it, and disabling a category or section will mean that all pages/categories contained within will also be inaccessible.


Each section, category and page has a set of permissions that determine who can read the content. Additionally you can specify for a section who can edit the section and the content within.

For pages this can be found under "Page User Groups Read Access".

For categories this can be found under "Category User Groups Read Access".

For sections this can be found under "Section User Groups’ Read Access & Permissions".

The permissions are specified with user groups, so you will need to have appropriate CLUBView user groups set up. 

Please note that the user groups configurable within categories and pages depend upon what has been configured within the section. So for example if a user group of "Club Member" has not been enabled at the section level, but "Committee Member" has then only "Committee Member" will be visible when editing categories and sections. 

Appearing in Navigation

The final thing to note is the 'appears in navigation' setting. This is only available on sections and can be found in the "properties" panel. This controls whether the section or categoryappear in the main website navigation.

Usually any enabled section or category will be visible in the main navigation to any user that has permissions to read it, however if this is setting is set to false then it will be hidden from the navigation.

This can be useful for creating content that is 'hidden' from general view but only accessible by a direct link.

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