Events marked "BRS deleted" in admin diary view

This article explains why administrators may see 'inactive' events with a title prefixed "BRS deleted" in the website diary.
When events are imported into CLUB View from BRS's diary, we store also store BRS's ID for each event, to track which event in BRS relates to which event on the website. This allows us to:
  • update the correct event in our system, if an event's details change in BRS;
  • detect a new event in BRS (IDs we have not seen before) and so create a matching event on the website;
  • remove events from the website if they are deleted from BRS (when a BRS event ID we have been tracking stops appearing in their diary data).

We have discovered, however, that the IDs we get from BRS can sometimes change (according to BRS's support department, this will happen if you change the start time of an event). When the ID of a BRS event changes it looks to our system as if one event has been deleted from BRS and a different event added, so in the CLUB View diary the event with the old BRS ID would be deleted, and a new event created for the revised ID.

Unfortunately this meant that if the club adds additional information to the event in the CLUB View diary (e.g. a description or staff notes) that data would be lost if the start time was changed in BRS (because the original event would be deleted from the website, then recreated with just its bare-bones details from BRS).
To avoid this, instead of deleting events, we now set them to 'inactive' status and prefix their title with 'BRS deleted'. This means they are not visible to ordinary users (e.g. members), but still available to administrators. An administrator could then, if necessary, copy across any extra information that had been added to the original event in CLUB View.

If you know that you will definitely not edit events from BRS in our diary (i.e. you are just leaving them in our system with the basic details of title, date, time, calendar and perhaps venue) then they can be safely deleted. This will avoid these orphaned 'BRS deleted' events cluttering up the admins' view of the diary.

If you want to remove these events then you can easily do so from the 'diary bulk editor' page, which gives you the ability to find all event titles containing "BRS deleted" and then delete them en masse.

This is something that CLUB View would like to fix, but we cannot do so until BRS provide us with an unchanging event ID that we can use to track events imported from BRS. CLUB View is in contact with BRS about this, but if your club would like to see this fixed then we recommend contacting BRS's support department and raising the issue with them directly as well.
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