Member log-in with Club Systems ‘HowDidiDo Passport’

HowDidiDo Passport is a service which allows its users (club members) to log-in to several different websites using only their Passport username and password. It is equivalent to the ‘log in with Facebook’ and ‘log in with Google’ features can be seen on many websites.

Your CLUB View website can be set up to use HowDidiDo Passport as its log-in system. This means that any member who is logged in to their Passport account will be able to access any of the following sites or services without having to enter separate log-in details:

  • (competition results, handicap information, playing statistics, etc)
  • ClubV1 Members' Hub website & smartphone app (members' contact details, bar card balance & transactions, etc)
  • CLUB View (members-only news & documents, tee-booking, club diary, etc)

HowDidiDo Passport completely replaces the usual CLUB View member log-in, so any member who wants to log in to the site will need a Passport account.

Members will fall into one of two groups:

  1. members who currently have a  HowDidiDo account or a ClubV1 Hub account can simply log in to Passport with the same email and password;
  2. members who have never logged into (such as social and non-playing members) will need to register for a Passport account.

If you are using ClubV1 there is an email template that can be used to send a mailing to members, telling them about the new log-in method.

HowDidiDo Passport and ClubV1 are services created and operated by Club Systems International. The details in this article are believed to be correct at the time of writing, but for definitive information clubs should contact CSI directly

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