Help for members with HowDidiDo Passport log-ins

If you are a club member who has been directed to this page it is because your club's website is using the HowDidiDo Passport log-in service. This is to simplify things by reducing the number of usernames and passwords members need to create and remember.

This article covers the following topics:

Do you need to register for Passport?

If you have previously logged in to then you already have a Passport account. Simply use the same email address and password you use when logging in to HowDidiDo when you are asked to log in with Passport.


If you never logged in HowDidiDo then you will need to register for a new Passport account.

Members without a handicap record

Please note you do not have to be a user of the main service to have a HowDidiDo Passport account - anyone can register for one. This means that social and other non-playing members can still have a Passport account and use it to log in to the members' website.

Not sure if you have a Passport or log-in?

If you do not know if you have a HowDidiDo/Passport account you can try logging in to Passport with your email address. It does not matter what password you use, as you only need to test whether Passport recognises your email address. HowDidiDo Passport will tell you if there is no account linked to that email address:


If HowDidiDo Passport simply tells you the password you used was wrong then it means there is already an account for your email address:


You can then ask for your Passport account password to be reset.

Using a shared email address?

If you share your email address with another club member (as some couples do) please note Passport only allows one account per email address. One person can use the shared email address for a Passport account, but the other people using the same address will need to create new email accounts to register for their Passport accounts.

Troubleshooting your Passport log-in

If you already have a Passport account but are having trouble using it to access the members' website, you should first test whether your Passport log-in works on its own.

Go to the main Passport website at and choose the “Log In” link from the menu at the top right of the page. (If you see “Account”, rather than “Log In”, in the menu then you are already logged in, so you will first need to choose “Logout” from under the “Account” menu.)

If you find that your email and password do not work you can use the ‘password reset’ option on the Passport website. If you still cannot log in to the Passport website then please contact the club office for help.

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