Email Filtering Service (SpamTitan)

We are happy to be able to provide enhanced spam and malware filtering based upon SpamTitan, as a service that can be added to your ClubView hosted email service.

We use SpamTitan for our own emails and we can recommend it as a comprehensive and reliable solution.

The features provided by SpamTitan email filtering include:

  • Industry standard spam filtering using multiple layers of detection
  • Periodic reports on spam volumes and 'quarantined' messages 
  • Malware and anti-virus protection
  • Automatic filter updates from SpamTitan
  • Easy to use interface if you want to view quarantined messages and tweak settings
  • Plenty of filtering settings e.g. filtering of attachments, blacklisting/whitelisting, adjusting sensitivity of filtering.

Setting up SpamTitan (DNS)

In order to set up SpamTitan then an adjustment will need to be made to the DNS records for your domain. In most cases if you have a ClubView website then ClubView will manage your DNS records for you and as such we can make the adjustment automatically.

In cases where the DNS is managed by the Club or some other third party then we will provide you with the details of the changes need to be made, and SpamTitan will be active only once the records have been updated.


Pricing comprises a fixed monthly cost per domain, plus a per-user cost. 

  • Price per domain per month: £3
  • Plus price per unique address per month: £0.28
  • Billing is based on the average number of unique email addresses

If you are interested in using SpamTitan please contact us at

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