BRS Golf app for member tee-booking

Club members who want to use the BRS Golf app (available for devices running Google Android or Apple iOS) should first log in to the members' website and click through to the BRS members' tee-booking service. (Access to BRS is normally via a button on the members' homepage entitled "book a tee time".)

If BRS have enabled their tee-booking app for that club then the member will see the following screen, where they should click the "find out more" button:


Member’s BRS account is ready for the app

If the member's BRS Golf account already has a password set up they will see a screen like the one below. The member should note down their BRS username, as they will need it to log in to the BRS Golf app.

Please note: many members will not know what their BRS Golf password; it is not the same log-in they use to access the members' website, so it will (probably) be a different password.

Members who do not know their password will need to reset it (by following the on-screen instructions) before they can log in to the BRS Golf app.


Once the member knows both their BRS username and BRS account password they are ready to start using the app.

Member needs to set a password for their BRS account

Members whose BRS accounts do not yet have a password will be prompted to register and create a new password for their account. First, however, the member should make a note of their BRS username, as they will need it when logging in to the app.


Please note: the registration form includes the member's BRS username, which should not be changed.

The member should enter a new password, check their contact details are correct, then submit the form.


Once the registration process has been completed the member will be able to use their BRS username and new password to log in to the app.


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