Sections, categories & content pages

CLUB View is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to create, edit and delete pages on your site. Your site is structured with a hierarchy of sections, categories and content pages.


Sections are the top level of organisation. These allow you to divide your site into broad areas of content. Some typical examples of sections might be:

Noticeboard - A section for news and club updates.

Membership - A section for promoting club membership to public visitors.

The Course - A section with content on the course. Often containing a course flyover or course tour.

Sections correspond with the top level links in the website's navigation menu (e.g. the "Noticeboard" section is what creates a "Noticeboard" link in the menu).

To see the sections on your CLUB View site first log in with an administrator account, then click on the "Content" tab at the top of the admin area. This will show you a page similar to this:

The icons on the right are:

 View content pages & categories within this section (same as clicking section's name)

 Edit this section's settings

 Delete this section

Categories and content pages

"Content pages" are held within sections, either at the top level of the section section as a 'general page', or within sub-divisions of the sections called "categories".

Here is an example of a section that has both general pages and content pages within a category:

In the example above there are two general pages ("Club Rules" & "Dress Code") and a category called "Health & Safety" containing a further five content pages.

The icons on the right are:

 Edit page/category

 Add new page to this category

Duplicate page.

 Delete page.

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