Adding images to content

These instructions apply to wherever you edit and create content in an editor for your site (e.g. when editing pages/categories/sections).

You may need to adjust the size and aspect ratio of the images before you load them onto the site. (More information: Editing photos in Pixlr)

Adding a new image into content

1. Within the editor place your cursor where you want the image to appear.

2. Click the "Insert/Edit Image" icon.  

A window called "Insert/Edit Image" should appear:

3: If you know the URL of the image you want to insert, you can enter that under "Image URL" and skip straight to step 6 otherwise click the red and blue icon next to the "Image URL" field.

4: You will then see the file manager. You can select the image you want from the site files (by double clicking) or if your image is on the computer, you can also upload the images to the site from here and then select them. (More information: Using The File Manager)

5: You should now have the "Image URL" filled in. It's also a good idea to also fill in "Image Description" for visitors who are using screen readers and to make your site more Search Engine Friendly.

6: The "Title" field can also be used and will be displayed as mouseover text to a visitor.

7: Click "Insert" to enter your image.

Your image will now be on the page.

If the image is not the right size, you can adjust the sizing within the editor, however for the best experience for your visitors we highly recommend adjusting the images in an image editor to the appropriate size before uploading, and if it needs to be resized then re-adjusting the images and re-uploading.

Please note that if your site is built as a responsive site then images and other content may not appear at the exact width that they are set within the editor.

Changing an existing image

In order to change an existing image you will need to follow the same steps as above, however rather than placing your cursor where you want the image to appear you select the existing image (left click on the image and it should then be highlighted) before clicking the "Insert/Edit Image" button"


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