Updating your site's course status message

There is a different log-in for updating your course status message, separate from the normal website admin area. This is so that a member of staff, such as a course manager, can have access to update the status without needing to be given full administrative access to the website.

The web address for your course status update page is your normal website address with '/status' at the end. So, if your website address was 'www.example.com', then to update your course status you would need to go to 'www.example.com/status'.

The username and password for your course status update page is not the same as your website administrator log in. The club will have been given the status log-in details when your website was set up, so if you cannot remember the log-in then you should be able to find this information in old emails from CLUB View. If you cannot find your log-in credentials the please contact us for assistance.

Please note that your web browser continue to show a 'cached' copy of the old status for up to 10 minutes. This means you may not see your changes on the site immediately unless you refresh the page in your web browser, but other people visiting the site after the change will see the new message straight away.

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