Link to an individual HandicapMaster competition result or knock-out page

First you will need to know the HandicapMaster 'competition ID' for the knock-out or other competition you wish to link to.

If you go to a HandicapMaster 'Master Scoreboard' page that lists competitions you can put your cursor over the link to an individual competition. Your browser will show you the URL (web address) of the link, which includes the competition ID.

For example, for the link the competition ID you need is '3'. (The 'CWID' is the club ID in HandicapMaster - you will see it has the same value in every link.) For the competition ID would be '4486'. 

Once you have the competition ID you can edit the page where you want to put the link. In the editor, select the text you want to make into the link, then click the 'insert/edit link' button. This will open the 'insert/edit link' panel on the page, in which there is a 'link list' drop-down menu.

The link list lists various pages within HandicapMaster. To link to details of a knockout competition you will want to choose the one entitled 'KO Comp Details', or 'Comp Results' for an individual competition's results page. This will put a URL such as /handicapmaster?subpage=knockout-COMPNO into the URL of the 'insert/edit link' panel. You will then need to edit the URL field and replace 'COMPNO' with your selected competition ID (so for our first example above you would change the URL to /handicapmaster?subpage=knockout-3.

Once you have changed the URL to include the competition ID you only need to click the 'ok' button to insert your new link, and then save your changes to the page you have been editing.

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