Mapping BRS reservation types to CLUB View diary calendars

Clubs can choose for themselves which BRS 'reservation types' are imported into the website diary, and which website calendar each reservation type's events will be go into.

You will need to log in as an administrator, then click on the 'calendars' tab. On the next page scroll down and you will see a section entitled 'BRS Diary Import Mappings'.

In the leftmost column you will see a list of all the BRS Reservation Types that CLUBView is receiving from BRS. In the centre column is a drop-down menu where you can match each BRS Reservation Type to a corresponding calendar in the CLUBView diary. (The third column is explained in a bit more detail on the page itself.)


Please note:

  • The 'reservation type to calendar' mappings are only applied when CLUB View synchronises with BRS, which happens every few hours. This means it may take a couple of hours before you see the results of any changes to the mappings in CLUB View diary, such as events from a new reservation type being imported.
  • The CLUB View system is not able to detect BRS reservation types that are not in use (i.e. if there are no events with that reservation type).

If some of the reservation types you want to import do not obviously correspond with any of your current CLUB View diary calendars, you can of course add new calendars within CLUB View to hold those events. Please contact the CLUB View support desk if you need help with this.

If you need help creating new reservation types in BRS, for example to match the calendars in CLUB View, please contact BRS's support team.

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