Cookies, security & privacy on CLUB View websites

This article describes what 'cookies' are in use on CLUB View websites, along with other information that may be useful to clubs updating their privacy policies (also referred to as "privacy notices" in the GDPR). For further details about CLUB View and the GDPR please see our GDPR overview article.

Cookies & third-party service privacy

Your CLUB View website may set and receive the following types of cookies. Where these cookies are due to the integration of a third-party service you should refer to the provider of that service for details of their privacy policies.

  • a cookie to record the fact that the current user has seen & clicked on the 'accept cookies' button (this is part of the notice letting users know that cookies are used on the site).
  • so-called "session cookies" that are used keep members, site administrators and other users logged in to the website while they visit a third-party system (for example a tee-booking service)
  • Google Analytics cookies, which are set and used by Google's code when this service is installed on a website in order to provided anonymised reports on how people use the site (e.g. the number of visitors, which pages are popular, how people arrive at the site, etc); further details can be found on the Google Analytics help centre privacy article
  • other third party services that CLUB View has been asked to integrate onto the website may, like Google Analytics, set cookies in order to provide their service; clubs should refer to the provider of the service being integrated for more information (for example if your website has an embedded Twitter timeline you should refer to Twitter's help centre article on their use of cookies)

CLUB View's recording of personal data

The CLUB View system also does routine logging when people use the website. It is standard practice for websites and online services to keep these sorts of records. CLUB View uses these logs to:

  • ensure the security of the system (e.g. investigating reports of unauthorised access)
  • to help us improve the performance and reliability of the service (e.g. to understand the pattern of events leading up to a problem occurring with a part of our system)
  • to provide the club with information on how the service is used (e.g. how many members logged in over a particular period)

The categories of personal data recorded by CLUB View (or by third-party companies that CLUB View uses to provide elements of our service) are as follows:

  • standard web server logs (including the IP address of the computer accessing the site)
  • details of each log-in to the admin or members' areas of the website (including IP address and the ID of the account to which the person logged in)
  • records of emails and mailings sent from the website, along with industry standard logging of opening or clicks on these emails
  • logs associated with the submission of enquiry forms or other customised website forms requested by the club (including IP address)


CLUB View's systems (with the exception of elements of our service that are provided by the integration of a reputable third-party service) exist on servers set up and managed for us by Anu Internet Limited.

Anu's technical expertise and systems ensure our servers have robust, appropriate security in place to protect them against unauthorised access. The computers on which our systems reside are housed in a commercial data centre with extremely high levels of physical security. Anu have also committed themselves to the ISO 27001 certification process (an internationally-recognised information security standard, which includes annual audits by an independent body).

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