Mailing list placeholders

This article lists the available placeholders that can be used to personalise a mailing by automatically inserting details for each individual recipient.

Recipient placeholders

  • {{firstname}}
  • {{lastname}}
  • {{salutation}}
  • {{number}} (club membership number)
  • {{union_no}} (CDH number, or GUI/ILGU number in Ireland)
  • {{company}}
  • {{phone}}
  • {{mobile}}
  • {{email}}
  • {{password}}

For example you might include the following text in a mailing:

Dear {{firstname}},
Your club membership number is {{number}}.

Club information placeholders

  • {{site_name}}
  • {{site_company}}
  • {{site_url}}
  • {{site_email}}
  • {{site_phone}}
  • {{site_address}}
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