Adding a redirect to create a 'shortcut' URL

This article describes how site administrators can add their own redirects to a CLUB View site, for example to create a shortcut of that will redirect users to

Redirects are specified in a file called _clubview_redirects.txt in the top level of the your 'files' folder. This text file can be edited in the file manager.

The format for this file is each redirect to be listed on its own line, with the 'redirect from' URL first, followed by space, an 'equals' character, more space, and finally the 'redirect to' URL. Here is an example:

# These lines (prefixed with '#') are comments and have no effect
# The format is "/url-to-redirect = /visitor/redirected-to-this-url/"

/testredirect = /login

If your site does not have a _clubview_redirects.txt file in your files folder, you can download the example file attached this article (see link below) and upload it to your own site via the 'file manager'. You can access your site's file manager by logging in as an administrator, then clicking on the "files" tab at the top of the page.

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