Adding a button/link to a page, file or other website

This article explains how to add a link from within the editor, and optionally styling the link as a button.

  1. Type in and then select the text that will be the link for recipients to click on, then click on the "insert/edit link" button in the editor toolbar:
  2. In the "insert link" panel that opens you can create one of three different types of link:
    • Paste or type in the address of a page on another website
    • Click on the 'browse' icon to choose or upload a file (e.g. PDF) to link to
    • Click on the "link list" dropdown menu to link to an existing page elsewhere on the site
  3. Once you have added or chosen the destination for your link, click the "ok" button

Most sites also include the option to style links, including as buttons.

  1. Create a link as described above
  2. Click on the link you want to style (so the editor 'knows' which bit of text you are styling)
  3. Choose button or link style from the "styles" dropdown link in the editor toolbar:
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