Using the mailing list tool

Most clubs' websites will be configured with an "emails to send" section. There are several advantages to using "emails to send" to create and save your mailings (instead of just composing a message within the mailing list tool at the time of sending):

  1. You can write your mailing over time, saving it as you go
  2. It is possible to send a test mailing to yourself and others, then make any necessary changes prior to sending it to the full recipient list
  3. The club will have a record of the mailing text for future reference

Your site's main "emails to send" page should contain brief instructions for creating and saving mailing messages.

Personalise mailings with placeholders

You can use mailing list placeholders to automatically put individual recipients' names or other details into they email they receive.

Using a saved filter to choose recipients & send a mailing

The default view is a list of all the saved 'filters' for your website. A filter is a set of rules that CLUB View uses to search for potential mailing recipients (e.g. "all 'academy' membership categories where the member's date of birth is after 1 February 1988").

To see the search rules for any filter, plus the number of recipients it matches, click the filter's 'test' button.

To send a using one of your site's saved filters:

  1. Click the name of the filter you want to use (e.g. "all club members").
  2. Check that the reported number of recipients looks correct. You can list the names and email addresses of these recipients by clicking on "view all", which also allows you then to manually deselect individual recipients that you want to exclude from this mailing. Click the "Next" button to go to the next step.
  3. Review the sender and 'reply-to' details, then click the "Next" button. Please note that currently the reply-to name and email address are fixed as those of the admin account being used to send the mailing. If you want a different address to receive any replies then you will need to log in to CLUB View using that email address instead.
  4. Set the mailing text & subject line. If you have created your mailing in the "emails to send" section (see above) and used the "send to mailing list" feature then the message you are sending will already be ready for you to review before sending; otherwise you will need to add your email template to the content editor area and then enter your message. Click the "next" button to proceed.
  5. Click the "send mailing" button. Once your mailing is accepted and queued for dispatch it will usually be processed and delivered within two to five minutes, although it can occasionally take slightly longer if the system is very busy.

Creating new filters & editing existing saved filters

Each 'filter' is composed of one or more 'rules' about who should be included in a mailing. To add a new filter to the existing "saved filters" list, click on the "new filter" tab on the opening page of the mailing list tool, then:

  • To add a rule click the green plus icon to the bottom right of the last rule.
  • To remove a rule click the red minus symbol to the right of the rule you wish to delete (it is not possible to delete the last rule, so the icon will be greyed out int this case).

There are currently 4 different types of criteria you can set for your rule

  • User or mailing group (the user/mailing groups found under the "Users" tab in the CLUB View admin area)
  • Membership category (categories imported from your membership software)
  • Gender
  • Date of birth

So, for example, suppose we had a membership category of "Social" and we wanted to send a mailing to all male Social members over 65. We could do this by

  1. For our first rule we select 'Membership Category' for the type of rule and then we pick 'Social' from the list that appears.
  2. We then add a new rule by clicking the green plus icon. For this rule we select 'gender' as the type of criteria and then select 'male'
  3. We then add another new rule and this time select 'date of birth' as the criteria and then select 'before' and then the appropriate date in 1952 (you can use the dropdown to show a calendar based date picker).

You can now save this filter for future use. If this is a new filter you will be prompted to pick a name for the filter.

It is also possible to send a mailing straight away without first saving the criteria as a new filter (useful for when you want to make a one-off mailing to a specific group):

  1. Select the "New Filter" tab
  2. Choose one or more rules (as described above)
  3. Click "Test Filter" to see how many recipients match the rule(s)
  4. Click the "Use now" button (after which the steps are the same as for using a saved filter)
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