Uploading membership data to CLUB View

CLUB View’s data upload feature is designed to make it easy for you to import your current membership list to the website straight from your club management system (e.g. ClubV1). This removes the need for you to manually add and update members' details on your website, which both saves time and eliminates the risk of human error.

For example, after adding a new member to the system in the office you would then quickly create an export and upload it. Your CLUB View website will create a log-in for the new member, meaning they can start accessing the members' area of the website straight away.

The process is not fully automatic, but it does mean the task of keeping members' details on the website perfectly in sync with the ‘master’ list from the club management system now needn’t take any more than a few minutes each week.

Most of CLUB View's membership integrations run day-to-day without the club having to do anything at all, but we have created this upload feature to help those clubs whose membership software provider has yet to provide a fully automated feed of membership data.

Using the member data upload

If your site already has the upload facility configured please consult our instructions for uploading an export of member data (first ensuring that your members’ details are up-to-date in your club management system).

Please contact support@clubview.co.uk if your club would like to add this feature to your website.

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