CLUB View integration with BRS Golf

The integration between CLUB View and BRS works best when both these systems are automatically supplied with membership data direct from the club's membership system (such as ClubMinder, Club Systems, Croft, MH Systems, etc). The side benefit to this is the club does not need to spend time separately keeping up-to-date the lists of members in CLUB View and BRS, and members no longer need to register on BRS as their account is created automatically.

Access to tee-booking

Tee-booking is made quicker and easier for members through a ‘single sign-on’ (SSO) system. A member who has logged in to the website can click straight through to the BRS members’ tee booking system; they do not have to remember or enter separate log-in details for BRS.

Importing events from BRS

Events in BRS (such as competitions, society bookings or even room bookings) can automatically be synchronised into the CLUB View website diary. The club is able to configure the details of this import, choosing which BRS ‘reservation types’ should be imported, selecting which website calendar a reservation type's events should go into and, if necessary, customising the event title (e.g. hiding a member's name from the title of a tee-booking event).

Importing events from BRS into the website is particular useful because members can subscribe to CLUB View website calendars using any diary software (for example Outlook or iPhone calendar). These calendar subscriptions automatically keep themselves up-to-date with any changes or additions.

This means the club only needs to enter an event in BRS to have it appear both in the website diary and on members' own smartphone/tablet calendars.

Members’ dashboard

The members’ website dashboard can display the member’s tee-bookings for the next 28 days, which are fetched ‘live’ from BRS.

A sample screenshot of a members’ area dashboard:

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