Sending an attachment with the mailing list

This article explains how to send a document (e.g. a PDF) to members using the CLUB View mailing list feature. Instead of attaching files to your email as you would in a normal email client (e.g. Outlook or Apple Mail) you will be uploading your document to the website and inserting a link to it into your mailing.

  1. Start by creating a new mailing as you would normally
  2. Type in and then select the text that will be the link for recipients to click on, then click on the "insert/edit link" button in the editor toolbar:
  3. In the "insert link" panel that opens, click on the 'browse files' button to the right of the "URL" field:

  4. In the "MoxieManager" file manager panel, navigate to (or create) a suitable subfolder to add your document to (otherwise over several years you will end up with hundreds of different documents and images all in the top level folder, which makes it difficult to find the files you want).
  5. Once you have navigated your way to the subfolder where you want to save your document, go to the "Upload" menu and select "Local machine":
  6. Follow the prompts to choose and upload the document you want to send from your own computer.
  7. When the file has finished uploading it will appear amongst the other files in the same folder; ensure the checkbox for the newly uploaded file is ticked, then click the "insert" button:
  8. You will be returned to the "Insert link" panel, where you just need to click the "ok" button.
  9. The email will now contain a link to the document you have just uploaded.
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