Using the file manager

The following refers to the newer editor and file manager. If your site is using the legacy editor please refer to the relevant article for this. If you are not sure which one you are using please refer to our guide.

CLUB View has an integrated file manager component (based on a piece of software called MoxieManager). The file manager can be accessed through the 'Files' tab at the top of the admin view, as well as whenever you need to browse to access files (e.g. adding a link to a file when editing a page).

The MoxieManager file manager in action.

This allows you to manage the site files. The site files are uploaded to the website and are then accessible by their own unique URL.

(N.b. all files stored on your site in this way can be downloaded and saved by anyone with the URL. Personal or sensitive information shouldn't be stored on the site files in this way).

Navigating between folders

To move to a new folder you simply click on the folder name or icon (excepting the folder mentioned below).

To return to the previous folder you click the folder at the top of the file list marked '..'

or click the relevant folder name in the list of folders at the top.

Administering files

It is possible to cut, copy, paste and rename files and folders just as you would on your local computer.

Please note that renaming a file will change it's direct link. CLUB View will try to update all links on your website if you change a file that is linked on the site, but if others have saved a link it will stop working for them.

It isn't possible to copy and paste files directly from your file manager on your computer into the website file manager. Please refer to the instructions below for details on how to add files.

Uploading a new file to the site files

Whenever the file manager is open you can add a new file by uploading it from your computer

In order to do this you can follow these instructions:

1: Navigate to the folder that you want to store the new file in.

2: Once you are in the target folder click the "Upload" button in the top left corner, and select 'Local Machine' in the dropdown menu.

3: Select the file/files that you want to upload from your computer in the file picker that appears.

4: You should see a progress bar in the bottom right of the file manager window that shows the upload progressing

Selecting files to be inserted into content

If you have clicked a 'browse' icon when editing content, e.g. you clicked on the browse icon "Insert/Edit image" dialog box, then you will be able to select and 'insert' a file.

You can insert the file by either:

  • Clicking the file name or icon
  • Clicking the checkbox next to the file and then clicking the 'insert' link in the bottom right.

Either way the file manager will close and you will be returned to the editor view with the URL of the file inserted into the form you were editing.

N.b. If the file you want to insert is on your computer you will need to upload the file as above before it is inserted.



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