Exporting member data from CLUB2000

This article describes how to export membership data from Club Systems ‘CLUB2000’, so that you can then import the members' records into your CLUB View website.

  1. In Club2000 click the “Reports” button, then select the “Lists” tab.
  2. In the “Step 1” panel, find and select choose “CLUB View” from the available ‘lists’. If there is no list called “CLUB View” then you will need to follow our instructions for setting up CLUB2000 to export member data to CLUB View before you go any further.
  3. In the “Step 2” panel, select (or create) a filter that includes all current members (i.e. excluding resigned and deceased members, and any others who should not have a log-in on the website), then click the 'print' button.
  4. In the “print list” window that you will then see, select the ‘file’ option and click ‘ok’.
  5. Give your new export file a name and make sure “save as type” is set to “comma (*.csv)”, then click “save”.
  6. You will then see a window called 'screen preview', which you can simply close.

Now you have a current export of members' details saved on your computer you can follow the instructions for uploading & importing member data to your site.

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