HowDidiDo Passport log-in troubleshooting for clubs

Please note: these instructions are for club use only, as some steps require an administrator log-in for the CLUB View website. Club member should first consult the Passport help for members article, and if they still have problems after that they should contact the club office for further assistance.


When members use HowDidiDo Passport to access a CLUB View members' website it is a combination of two separate systems. If a member is unable to log in it is important to establish precisely what part of the process they are having trouble with, as this will decide whether the club office will need to contact Club Systems or CLUB View for help.

If the member is getting stuck at the log-in form that is titled "HowDidiDo Passport Login" then the problem is with their Passport account. This aspect of the log-in process is created and run by Club Systems, so they will be the ones able to help with any problems. Problems with any other stage of accessing the members' website should be referred to CLUB View.

If the member is not able to describe exactly where they are encountering a problem then the club office should follow these troubleshooting steps:

Step 1 - can member log in to their Passport account?

All members who want to log in to the website will need their own Passport account.

Members who have logged in to the service can use the same username and password to log in to HowDidiDo Passport. ( and HowDidiDo Passport are two different services, but under the surface they work from the same list of users and log-ins.) If a member has never used, however, they will need to sign up for a new Passport account.

Please note there is no requirement for members to be using the service before they can use HowDidiDo Passport, so there is nothing to prevent a non-playing member from having a Passport account to access the members' website.

Ask the member to go to the main Passport website at (they will probably find it easier to search for 'HowDidiDo Passport' using Google and click on the link in the results).

Confirm whether the member can log in to their Passport account on the Passport website itself.

Important note: HowDidiDo Passport is a Club Systems product. If the member cannot get beyond this step of the troubleshooting guide (i.e. they are unable to register for a Passport account, or they have an account but cannot log in and cannot resolve the problem using the 'password reset' tool provided) then the club must contact Club Systems 'CSiCare' for support.

Step 2 - is member's website record active & linked to a Passport account?

A website administrator can check whether a member's website user record has been linked to a HowDidiDo Passport account. Locate the member's record in the CLUB View admin area and click to edit it (need step-by-step instructions?) then immediately under their "Account Status" setting it will say whether their record has been linked to a HowDidiDo Passport account (see screenshot, below).


If the member's CLUB View user record is already linked to a Passport account and their website 'account status' is "active" they should be able to use their Passport account to access the members' website.

A member whose CLUB View user record is not yet linked to a Passport account, however, will need perform a one-off 'account verification' procedure (step 4, below).

Step 3 - using Passport on the members' site log-in page

Direct the member to go to the the club website and click on the link to the log-in page (the exact text of the link may vary, but is usually labelled something like "Members' Area", "Member Log-in" or just "Members"). Once they get to the log-in page they will, if not already logged in to their Passport account, be prompted to do so. If the member has successfully completed step 1 (above) then this should not be a problem.



Once the member is logged in to their Passport account they should see a "Access members' website" button on the members' website log-in page.


If their CLUB View user record is already linked to their Passport account then they will immediately be transferred to the members' area when they click the "Access members' site" button, but otherwise they will need to complete the 'account verification' process.

Step 4 - members' site 'account verification' for access with Passport

The first time someone uses their Passport account to access the members' website they must enter their club membership number and 'verification code'. This is both to confirm that they are a club member and to ensure that their Passport account is linked to the correct CLUB View user record for subsequent access.

When a CLUB View website is first configured for HowDidiDo Passport all current members will be sent an email containing their membership number and verification code. If the member does not have this email then there is a "request your verification code now" link immediately above the form that asks for this information (see screenshot, below).


Please note the member's verification code will be sent to the email address in their CLUB View members' record. If this email address is incorrect then the club office will need to enter the correct email address into ClubV1/CLUB2000, then upload a fresh export of data to your CLUB View website to bring the member's record up-to-date.

If a member is using the "request your verification code now" facility but is not receiving the emails they should first make sure that the messages are not being intercepted by their spam/junk email filter. If the emails are definitely not reaching the member's email account at all, and the email in their CLUB View member record is confirmed as correct, then you should check whether the member's email is on the mailing block-list

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